Stump Removal

Choose us for Stump Removal in Williston, Watford City, ND & Glendive, Sidney, MT

Choose us for Stump Removal in Williston, Watford City, ND & Glendive, Sidney, MT

Once the tree has been cut down, owners often find themselves with a tree stump on their property. Stumps left behind can take up valuable property space, can be hazardous to lawn equipment and people, and leave an unsightly appearance. Plus, a decaying stump can be a harbor for pests such as ants, termites, ground hornets, and even rodents. Stump grinding can be advantageous over other methods of removal without risking damage to nearby structures. Roots associated with the stump extend far out from the trunk and removing the whole stump with heavy equipment can be expensive and risky in certain situations.
Stump Grinding can be performed to a depth of 10" and back-filled with soil. Roots can be chased where needed to eliminate the surface exposure.

Why use Dakota Po Landscape Services for your tree stump removal or grinding?

  • We have an ISA Certified Arborist who will analyze the situation and will listen to the needs of the client and propose the best method to remove the stump(s)
  • Our crews are properly trained to carry out the task
  • We are fully insured and registered with the BBB, have A+ rating and we pride ourselves as professionals

Dakota Pro Landscape Services will have the utilities located that may be within the impact area to eliminate the risk of danger/damage to people and property. We have small equipment to fit within gates and large equipment available to efficiently remove stumps in larger areas. We have the proper equipment to load and haul off debris if needed. Whether it be commercial, municipal, institutional, or residential we have the equipment and people to remove one or a hundred stumps with heavy equipment or stump grinding equipment safely and efficiently.